May 13, 2003.

then, now.

getting up in time to make it to the morning lecture is very tiring. i am tired.

the middle of the lecture room is like another world: the boys are drawn towards it by some unseen magnet, and here they sit, loud, obnoxious, making fun of everyone around them, and the lecturer. i watch like the outsider i never doubted i was.

i miss being at university with him. lectures where he would hold me, lunches in the park were he never tired of kissing me, and didn't care that other people were around.

in summer we we would lie under the oak tree watching the sun shine through the leaves. we talked, about everything. then, i felt like we would never run out of things to talk about. random people in the park told us that we were the most beautiful couple they had ever seen.

everything was beautiful then. we were so young, so carefree.

now, i am here. old. alone.

[ look back ] [ look forward ]

[ then ] [ now ]