May 30, 2003.

high school crush.

i am young, maybe 11 or 12. it is my first year in secondary school, the first time i am seeing older boys: good looking older boys who smell nice and don't make fun of me.

i see him when i walk into the music room. he looks up and smiles at me. my heart thumps, thumps again, then stops.

he is tall, blonde, with beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. a face that i remember even now, more than ten years later.

one brief encounter engraved in my life forever.

i never saw him again. a few years later, i searched through older school magazines, trying to see if i could find him. there was one guy, that was a good ressemblence in fuzzy black-and-white. his name was andrew leyes. maybe it was him. maybe it wasn't.

i will never know.

[ look back ] [ look forward ]

[ then ] [ now ]