August 23, 2003.

little things big things.

comparing wondering questioning.

i wonder if one would do the good things the other does, like giving way on the roads. i forget things about one that existed, it has somehow come to the stage where i just don't believe that certain things can be possible (like how could i not know he had read book one and book two of lord of the rings), and am surprised to find that they are.

there is no denying that i find both attractive, but when i think about all that has happened, the things the other has done i realise something.

throughout our whole relationship, he has never been annoyed at me. through our fights and disagreements i cannot recall one that was initiated by him. there are no ill thoughts. there are no ill thoughts about the other either, but only because i have forced them away.

it is here that i realise that they are completly different people, and that my relationship and feelings for each of them is on a totally different level.

they are incomparible.

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