October 11, 2003.

nice. (nice nice nice)

when he can refrain himself and thinks that we shouldn't do "anything" (which when asked what it incorporates: kisses or fooling around), while he so obviously wants to.

when he says that he is not sure what is going on with him at the moment and he likes me too much, and doesn't want to screw me around..

when he leaves after giving me no more than two kisses on the cheek, and thanking me for having him over and cooking him dinner.

when, after having dealt with mike-one the sleaze for five years, i wonder if this is, in fact, a guy, what is he?

it is inevitable that something will happen - he is thinking about it. i am thinking about it. but even the inevitable can be delayed forever, as long as he refrains himself.

maybe it's a good thing.

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